The rain has not come for countless of months; the rivers and water holes were drying up; the animals started migrating south in search of water; the land was dry and cracked. Crops could not grow, even the great Nile was dying; the future was bleak.
It was during these harsh conditions in a simple mud hut in a remote region in Ethiopia where a woman went into labor. When the unborn moved through the birth canal, the land’s humidity started to drop, followed by a cool breeze. Once the unborn’s head appeared outside the womb, lightning flashed, followed by the sound of thunder at the moment the newborn cried taking in his first breath; and when the child’s tears flowed down his face, the rains came.
The land was brought back to life the prophecy fulfilled; the incarnation of god was born. King of Kings Haile Selassie.

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For what Peg Man Saw flash fiction challenge of 150 words or less. This week’s location is Ethiopia.

Haile Selassie Ras Tarfari was the 225th and last Emperor of Ethiopia. It is said that those who witnessed his birth said that it started to rain at the precise moment when he was born on July 23rd 1892. That rain fall signified the end of the one of the worst periods of famine in Ethiopia which lasted from November 1888 to July 1892.
Haile Selassie is worshipped as a god incarnated by the Rastafarian religious movement



  1. I knew of Selassie as here in the UK we have a sizeable Jamaican community, many of whom are Rastas. I hadn’t heard the legend of Selassie’s birth before though, so thank you for sharing that – very interesting. Good use of imagery and allegory

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    • Rastafarians believe that Marcus Garvey was a Prophet & Haile Selassie is Jah (god).
      Selassie himself was without controversial Garvey lost a lot of support after he criticized Selassie for failing to up keep Ethiopia’s military that could not resist against the 1936 Italian invasion & occupation

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