The Sack


Before I started the relaxation and self- hypnosis exercise, I had made sure I there was a notebook and pen beside me just in case I need to write something down. After I put the notebook and pen in place I started the exercise. I used the eye fixation method; I focused on an imaginary spot on the ceiling while performing the breathing relaxation technique then I started the countdown from 35 and going backwards. While the countdown was taken place I had elevated my breathing. This brought my body to completely relax; once the relaxation was in place It wasn’t long before the following experience happened.

I felt a cool breeze coming from my left, then I saw something that resembled a red apple; it seemed that it was hurled right towards me. When the apple impacted on my body it went right through it. Then I felt that I was being dragged, first I was moved to the left, then I was taken to the opposite direction towards the kitchen. I was taken through time because the furniture started to look different like antiques. It was as though I had been abducted and taken to this place,. I got the perception that I was seeing things through the eyes of either a female or a child. It was like I was in their body. The female or child was placed by force into a sack by a large male adult. I felt the fear when the sack was closed. It was as though I was reliving an experience that took place and I was the victim.  After the sack close I found that I was now outside of the sack looking at the event.  I watched as the person closed the sack, the person had a head scarf, and a mean face….I believed that whoever was in the sack had been killed; it felt as though it happened in the apartment many years ago.

After the experience there was an overwhelming feeling of relaxation….

Was this another spontaneous astral projection or a mental projection? Either way the effects of the experience was profound. In as much that I experienced the moment of of somebody being stuffed in a sack through their eyes; a thought occurred to me whether it was a past life experience…

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