Treasure Hunt


Back in Camp Scania it was around 5:45pm when I came back to the tent to sit down because the dinner line was long,  and I did not want to wait in line. I decided to chill out and go to the dining facility later on. When I sat down in my chair, I decided to do the vibrational state exercise; after the installation of the vibrational state following experience took place:

I found that I was put into prison for some sort of offense; then I saw that I was being released and after getting out I was searching for some treasure. I got some of the people that I had met in the lock up to help me find this treasure. Afterwards, I went to two of my father’s friend’s houses and had asked them for their help. After my father’s friends joined the search, it wasn’t long before we came across a cave in the middle of the desert; after searching the cave, the gold was found.

After discovering the gold, the ex-convicts grabbed one my father’s friends and stabbed him in the back of the neck; when that took place I said something, however I cannot recall what was said. I went over to the other person who was my father’s friend and looked right up his robe where he hid some money. I said “I know where the money is,” and that he is such a cheap skate because he doesn’t trust the banks. I saw that he had a small bag hidden in his arm pits, and at his sides. After taking the money bags I saw that his clothes was loose and that he was not fat;  its  just that he looked like he was fat because of the money that was positioned on his body.

I asked him, “How would he like to die.” After a method was chosen, the man was locked up in a room, in the cave along with somebody else. The room had a makeshift door that was made many years ago. The man (father’s friend) said to the other man that was locked up in the room with him; “not to worry, and that it was an old lock and he will break it  as soon as he killed another person.

 When someone else was killed, the man took the opportunity to knock the wall out and fled through the opening, when he got out of the cave, he saw some workers working, and they in turn helped him to get away.

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