Light & Dark Figures


I was lying on my cot I while listening to one of my meditation CD and doing the vibrational state exercises; when the vibrational state was installed I was projected and traveled to what appeared to be a baseball field.  I ended up in the bleachers when I came across six human looking figures. Three of them were shadowy dark, and the other three were light white. I walked over to them and as I was getting closer I saw that the shadowy dark figures did not have heads. They were only an outline of a body. Then the three white beings started to come towards me and walked over as though I wasn’t there and passed through my body. When the last white being passed through my body I found that I was transported to another time period. The baseball field turned into a soccer field. I had the perception that I was in Germany. I was accompanied by another being who I perceived was my guide and I was being taking around until I came to a place where I encountered an aggressive extra physical female. When she came around me I started to feel different types of body sensations. The sensations and the appearance of this extra physical sexual aroused me which generated after sexual energy that dissipated when I felt the sensation of having an orgasm. After that happened I saw another extra physical being appear and that being attacked my guide.  I felt that I had to help the guide and I joined in the fight to defend the guide; and when I joined in the experience came to abruptly ended.

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