The Sweep


In a place where there is constant conflict, the fear of death, troops from multiple nations running around conducting operations as well as the unconventional fighters representing the conflicted nations doing what they do; in addition to how the emotional output of  local population compromises the entire spiritual environment. I was curious of the kind of energy that was present in a war zone;  now being stationed in an area known as the Sunni Triangle in Iraq I would find the answers to my question.

 During some down time in the squad’s tent where everyone was relaxing doing their individual activities; I was playing Anthony Aviles “rhythm of ambience” energy CD in my CD player which helped to put me into a trance state. While going into a trance state I saw Sgt. M come by the head of the my  cot and was telling me to get up and that I’m always sleeping; then I saw Spc. B come by and say one of his stupid remarks. Both of what they said made me mad and I was about to get up and fight them. However, before I took myself out of the trance to address those two jokers I noticed that there was a variation in the design of their uniform. It looked like they were wearing the the old desert uniform that the army issued in 1991 and have since being discontinued. It was then that I knew that there was some sort of deception going on by the troublemaking extra physical beings.

Afterwards I was lying on the ground among some sandbags, when I heard something that sounded like thunder; when I looked up I saw a lightning bolt flash through sky and strike the earth. I saw that there was some sort of a crackdown being conducted by a superior force on troublemaking extra physical beings. The malevolent trouble making extra physical beings were being rounded up by this unseen force.  The force swept past me and I saw that a bag was dropped. The sweeping force came by and asked me for the bag; I saw that the bag resembled my bag and I thought the bag that this force was looking for belonged to me. I told the sweeping force, that there was nothing that I have that belongs to them.

 It seemed that the sweeping force noticed where the bag was and they just took it back. When they took back the bag I did not really care that the bag was among my possessions. I saw that at least two of the troublemaking extra physical beings were attempting to find refuge by hiding among some sandbags. Since they were there I decided to do an experiment. I put my hand on them and exteriorized some energy to see what would happen. When I exteriorized the energy to the extra physical beings I saw that they disappeared. I cannot recall how long I was in the trance state witnessing the sweeping of the malevolent extra physical beings; but I was starting to lose lucidity until I was eventually out of the trance stare. But before I was out of state I could see the sweep was still in progress.

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