The Group


At CSC Scania’s north gate in the midst  doing guard duty; it was around 4:30am; I changed places with one of my fellow Soldiers because it was my time to take a short brake while he took over the watch. As I was sitting in the Humvee, I started to do the vibrational state exercise. After a while I saw a group of soldiers walk up from the road outside the gate. The spike barrier was moved out of the way and they came into the camp.

There were two tall soldiers, their uniforms looked different than the other soldiers, who were all shorter. Then coming from inside the camp, another group of soldiers came, in the area they walked up to the first group of Soldiers that came into the camp until they were directly face to face with those Soldiers. The Soldiers that came from inside the camp were also accompanied by two more of those taller soldiers with the different looking uniform.
The uniforms that the taller Soldiers wore were a cross between the Marines style desert camouflage uniform (DCU), and the spotted looking uniforms of the Spanish Army.

I found that I was standing in front of the Humvee when an individual soldier from the group asked me to hold his M16 rifle; when I was holding the M16; some type of activity took place; I’m not sure of what was happening because all of the soldiers were gathered in a group. Whatever they were doing lasted for a few minutes and then the soldier asked me back for the rifle. I noticed that I had something else in my hands along with the M16. The M16 was in between my last two fingers (the pinky and the index), I told the soldier that the M16 is so light that I could hold it like that. I could not help but notice that the soldier resembled Sgt. R.

After wards, the group that came to the camp from outside, escorted the group that was inside the camp outside. Then I heard one of my other fellow Soldiers that was on guard with me calling me because he had a question. This is when I came out of the alter state of conscience and realized that I had been projected.

It seems that a war zone is a fertile ground for extra physical activity. I can’t help to think that the extra physical environment that is on the same dimensional location was also in a state of conflict.

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