Polish Power


Ladies and Gentlemen standing in the corner to my left at 6 foot 5 weighing 310 pounds from Moscow, Russia Nikolai Vooolkoooof; and to my right at 5 feet 10 and weighing 245 pounds from Krakow, Poland, let’s hear it for the Polish Hammer Ivan Putsssskiii…

The referee calls them both in the middle of the ring. “Gentlemen I want a good clean fight, “protect yourself at all times, break when I say break, now shake hands,  go back to your corners, and when the bell rings, let’s get it on…”

Imagine the Russian Polish rivalry that historically has been playing out cross over to the sports venue. This would have been a dream match; Vince McMahon senior never listened to Vince McMahon junior at the time. We can only dream who wins. The gamers can have fun living this dream; playing it on the video game “Legends of Wrestling.”




For What Pegman Saw flashfiction challange of 150 words or less. This week’s location is Krakow, Poland.


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