It was 1900 hours and when I was sitting in my chair listening to another one of Anthony Aviles energy CD.  Anthony Aviles developed a series of energy CD’s for a program called the “Circles of Life.” The CD has a vibrational frequency that helps with relaxation and I find that it assists me to astral project. This time I was playing the “Rhythm of Soul.”  While I was listening to it I was also doing the vibrational state exercises.

After a couple of minutes I went into the altered state and I had started to see a camp that looked similar to CSC Scania; however, it looked like hunters occupied the camp instead of Soldiers. I saw some of the hunters gathering outside of their tents; then I saw what appeared to be giant ants come up from underneath the ground. The ants started to grab some of the hunters by their heads and pulled those hunters down beneath the ground. Then one of the ants grabbed a man by the face; the grip was not very good, but the ant still held onto his face. The ant started to pull the man down beneath the ground, the ant did not succeed in pulling the man down, and he somehow escaped the ant’s grip. His face was deformed, and his lip stretched.

Later on he had to go to work however he did not report to work because he was recovering from the incident. But he still had the obligation to do the job. As part of his job he had to make some holes into a dirt area. He made those holes in record time because he had corralled one of the giant ants and took it to the job site and used it to make holes in the earth. Afterwards the boss gave him something else to do. He was told to stay at the work place over night, the building was locked. ..

After that everything else that took place was too distorted to make some type of conscience sense…

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