OBE: Progressive Relaxation

progressive 3

A technique to induce a lucid projection as developed by Waldo Vieria, a veteran projector who have documented his experiences over the last forty years. This technique is called “Psychophysiological self-relaxation.

This technique is the relaxation of the body, and mind that permits that activation of the body’s entire charka system that leads to the energetic body’s separation from the physical body taking with it the person’s consciousness (thoughts, ideas, concepts).

It is done through progressive, deep muscular relaxation of the body that allows the person to reach a state of complete immobility, or induce a state of anesthesia in all areas throughout the body. After reaching that state, all muscular and psychic tension, anxiety and insomnia will cease to exist. After you can just empty the mind, or surface thoughts, except for the desire to have that lucidly leave the physical body. While the mind is predisposed, it will induce an altered state of conscience. The practice can be done to sounds, such as ocean waves, rainfall, wind, etc; these sounds tend to help a person relax. Taking these steps does the technique:

progressive 1

  • Isolate yourself in a closed room, where you will not be disturbed. You should wear light, loose clothing.
  • Lie down on a bed, or sit in a comfortable chair, and close your eyes.
  • Contract your muscles gently, count from 1-5 then relax them, then move on to another muscle group. Inhale while contracting, exhale when the muscle is relaxed
  • Repeat step three, 2 or 3 times
  • Focus attention on the muscle you are working on, keep the rest of your body calm and still.

progressive 2

Once you have completed the progressive relaxation process, just lie, or sit there without moving, you may feel that your body is weighing heavy then you will then experience immobility, Empty the mind, then separation will occur shortly afterwards.

Do not expect results the first time you do it, this is a process that gradually happens if you practice it on a regular basis.

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