Dan’s Side

            There is that old saying, “there are three sides to a story, there’s his side, there’s her side, and the truth.” Don’t know who came up with that line, but when it comes to former wrestling and body building hall of famer, Mr. USA Tony Atlas, and Boston Wrestling’s host Dan Mirade, there is certainly room to ask if both of them are being genuine.

Things between Tony Atlas and Dan Mirade got heated when Tony appeared on the wrestling pod cast “Monte and the Pharaoh” and spilled his guts about the business and personal fall out that he had with the “Boston Wrestling” pod caste and Dan Mirade.

Tony was pretty emotional and heated, and he got into details as to why he refused to do any more work for Dan. It got to the point where Tony was actually crying over actions that Dan was to have allegedly taken to get the gov’t to discontinue his social security payments.

Well, Dan has directly addressed the allegations against him that Tony made. It seemed what Dan had to say put what Tony said in doubt. Then again, it also seemed that there is a rivalry going on between Monte and the Pharaoh and Boston Wrestling.

Even before Monte and the Pharaoh invited Tony to speak about his beef with Dan, they had Marte Jennetty, another Wrestling veteran speak about certain things that he experienced with Boston Wrestling. However, Marte was not bitter about his experience with Boston Wrestling, and considers Dan a friend.

Then Monte and the Pharaoh took a swipe at John Cena senior who was on an event that took place at the TD Garden, that garnered a large viewing audience; and called John senior “the most boring person in wrestling.” Whether they were baiting old man Cena, or Dan, they did not bite. Instead, old man Cena opened up the door to a dialogue. Whether both parties (Monte and the Pharaoh, Dan Mairde) will walk through that door, is remains to be seen.   

Now as far as Dan defending himself against Tony’s allegations, Dan released a pod caste explaining Tony’s timeline with Boston wrestling, how he helped him financially, and that he even went to Tony seeking advice for certain things because he considered Tony a friend.

Then Dan pointed out Tony’s character flaws; that Tony said he witnessed multiple wrestlers drugging and raping women, and instead of helping the women, that he just stood there and watched. That he had allegedly know and witness one particular star wrestler physically abused women with blunt objects that left them physically damaged.

Now, Dan, is questioning the validity of the claims, because he deems Tony of lying about his overall experience with Boston Wrestling. That Tony also lied to fans claiming to have made custom sketches but making copies of them and selling them to other fans.

Dan turned things up a notch and provided a taped conversation that took place between Tony’s wife and step daughter. The were speaking about the way Tony treats his wife; that he has multiple children scattered throughout the country, and that he even carries on with extra marital affairs. That Tony doesn’t know how to separate his ring character from his out of ring character; he is always the showman.

Just check out the pod caste below. We’ll see how Tony, and Monte and the Pharaoh will react, and what they have to say about what was presented in this pod caste in the near future.


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