Wasn’t Meant To Be

True_George’s latest publication is now available. This one is touching the theme of toxic relationships. Three short stories and a mini novel.

1.Cesspool of Corruption: Sam a corrupted civil servant has fallen for one of his clients and he engages in unethical behavior in hopes of being with her.

  1. Love in the Garden: Adam and his wife Lilith have marital woes; God decides to intervene and hatched a plan to separate them, but things did not go as planned

3. The Sultry Affair: Jack meets Carmen; it was lust at first sight, they spend some time together in the most unlikey place, where their true feelings came out

4. Infection: Jose gets reacquainted with Jessica and invites her to spend to time with him while Jessica is waiting for her new place to be ready. Jose unwittingly got more then he bargained for

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