Fatal Attraction

            In this experience, I met up with an old girlfriend, even though the girlfriend was unidentified, it was the perception that I got. After we got to speaking, I invited her back to my place. Then one thing led to another and we ended up in bed.

After our sexual activity was over, we were asleep in each other’s arms. I don’t know how much time passed while we slept. At least while I slept. I was abruptly awaken, by something that sounded like a red alert alarm. But, the alarm was coming from within my head.

Like how the wrestler, “The Undertaker” sits right up after lying on his back for a few seconds. I sat up in the same manner. When I sat up, my heart jump out of my chest. The girlfriend that I just had sex with, had a knife in her hand and was standing over me, ready to stab me for a second time.

The first stab had set off what sounded like a red alert in my head telling me to get my ass up. The girlfriend’s second stab was successful. I rolled off the bed, and grabbed girlfriend’s legs, and pulled them from under her for a double leg take down.

But I was weak, from the loss of blood, I did not have the energy to fend of girlfriend’s attack and to go and rush to get my gun. Besides, it would not have done me any good because I did not replenish my supply of bullets after the last visit to the range, But I did have the energy to grab my cell phone to call for help. Maybe, if I called my roommate, he can come in and help subdue this crazy woman.

But when I grabbed the cell phone from the table, I saw that girlfriend was way ahead of me, because the phone had been smashed up. I push her out the was and made my way out of my room and down to the hall way to my room mates room.

When I got to his room, I saw that girlfriend was busy and that she has been to my roommate’s room and stabbed him. The roommate was laying on his back, he was bleeding out, but he was conscious. But, girlfriend also smashed his phone.

All wasn’t lost, he had one of those pre-paid phones that he used to use. The good thing about this phone is that you do not have to have any minutes to be able to call 911.

The Police was called; and to my surprise they got to the building fast. Girlfriend tried to look inconspicuous and attempted to sneak out of the building under the noses of the Police Officers. She hid the knife under her coat.

She looked so innocent that the Cops were clueless that she had just stabbed two people. The Cops just allowed her to waltz right past them. When she got to the lobby door, she opened it and stepped out in the dark street which was illuminated by the lights from the Police radio cars. Then she was gone, vanished in the night.  

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