Tony’s Beef

              Mr. USA,Tony Atlas, one of my favorite Wrestlers from back in the day was a special guest on the Wrestling pod caste, “Monte and the Pharaoh.” Tony used to be affiliated with “Boston Wrestling” pod caste. He did some pretty good shows, and it looked like the relationship with the host Dan Mirade was good. Then all of a sudden, Tony Atlas left Boston Wrestling.

After Tony left, Dan said certain things about him; but, like the old saying, “there are two sides to a story. So, from the outside looking in, with the exception what Dan was saying; it wasn’t clear why Tony left the Boston Wrestling pod caste.

Now, that Tony is a special guest on Monte and the Pharaoh, his side of the story is being told why he left. According to what Tony said, the split was a bitter one, and there were disagreements about money.

But after the break up, they kept on going back and forth with each other. It is now at the point where Dan is threatening to ruin Tony, and attempting to get the gov’t to stop sending him his social security checks. Well, that’s what Tony believes. I doubt that the gov’t will stop sending Tony his Social Security checks, especially given that Tony is at the age where he can collect.  

What was revealed on the “Monte and the Pharaoh” show, is that Dan is a terrible human being; and that he took full advantage of Tony. I hate to say it, but when it comes to certain things, Tony isn’t the brightest bulb in the room. The attitude makes him become prey, to predators. Dan was one of those predators, he took full advantage of Tony, and when Tony finally spoke up, it seemed that Dan got offended. Just check out the pod caste to get a measure of what is happening.

On a side note, during Tony’s heyday, he used to be a great athlete, he had lots of breaks in the Wrestling business, and a lot of people were willing to help him achieve greatness. But Tony had a lot of demons that ultimately caught up with him, it undercut his potential and put a lid on his career. For the type of athlete he was, he should have achieved more, and should have left the game as a millionaire.  But self-sabotage is a motherfucker.   


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