I was in some type of high rise building that allowed me to construct a personal area. Kind of like I was building my own mansion. I built an indoor patio with sliding doors. I built a large living room and a couple of small rooms.

When I was finished, I locked the sliding doors that led to the patio. But later on, when I went to check to see if the doors were locked, I saw that it wasn’t.

Then I noticed a few of my electronic items were missing. I was furious, I went down the stairs leading to the ground floor. I saw someone and it looked like he has some electronic equipment. I quickly caught up to him and demanded to see what he has in his bag.

Over the person’s objections, I looked in his bag and I found that he had my electronic equipment. So I beat him up and took back my stuff.

His friends saw the drama and was coming to his aid. This is when I withdrew, taking my stuff to go back to the mansion and lock them out.

As I went up the stairs and reached the outside patio, I saw that my girlfriend MP was not behind me. I saw that she was still by the dude that I beat up. I told her to come on and stop feeling sorry for the dude, he made his bed, now he is laying in it.

But she did not listen, I knew that there would be trouble when the dude’s friends arrive. I told her again, to leave the guy where he is and to come on and get out of the area before the friends arrive. She still did not listen.

When the dude’s friends showed up. They took their frustrations out on her. They beat her up and when she was on the ground, they were kicking her.

I did what I could to get her out from the attack. But, can’t say that I was mad at the attackers, after all she would not listen to me when she was told to leave.  

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