Eye Exam

eye exam

  I had an appointment at the office of the International Academy of Consciousness  (IAC) at 10:15 am; I was to participate in the vibrational State laboratory. Once in the office one of the first thing that I done was to review the technique that was to be used. Then an empty room with a recliner was provided for me to be able to perform the exercise workshop. When I started the technique of moving the energy from my head to my feet then back again, I started to have the following experience:

First, I saw my own hands rubbing together as though I am washing them, then I saw water being poured on my hands; I observed my hands being washed. After that within a couple of minutes I heard the door that leads to the to the office open; I saw a female enter the room, it appeared to be Ana one of the IAC volunteers. When she came into the room she had greeted me; she said, “hello George, how are you?” I made an attempt to respond but there was a delay because I could not move my mouth to word any response. It took a few seconds, and then I returned her greeting. I said “I’m OK.”  Then she said that she was sorry to disturb me and that she came into the room to get something. She walked from the door and passed to the front of the recliner chair and made her way to the back of the room where the table was.

Then I saw some sort of instrument in front of my face. The instrument was the focus lens that an eye doctor uses to match ones eye prescription during an eye examination. She placed my head so that I was looking into the instrument. My eyes was opened, and I saw that the instrument was matching my eye prescription (it was actual the Para eyes that opened). Then Ana exited the door and went back into to the office. I closed my eyes to concentrate on the exercise. Once again Ana briefly came back into the room, and left; after that a couple of seconds later she came back into the room again. At this point I found myself losing patience and said to myself “what is she doing?”  Shortly afterwards I heard her talking to Leonardo another volunteer with the IAC who happens to be her husband.  I decided to ignore them and continue doing the exercise. They had closed the door, however, I could still hear them talking and giggling, as to my condition. My head was still in the instrument, I decided not to open my eyes.  I felt myself lean forward to get a little bit more relaxed which was necessary because the energy movement would have been interrupted if I felt uncomfortable. Then I realized that there was no movement of energy and also that there was no type of instrument in the room, and that Ana could not have possibly walked in front of the room because the front of the room was blocked off with chairs.

 The time was now 10:50 am. I took a break to record the event that took place. At 11:03 am, I restarted the exercise. This time it was a little harder for me to move the energy. I found that it was hard for me to move the energy pass my shoulder and neck area. At times the body was totally relaxed, but there was an energy blockage at the shoulders and neck area. This continued until the time limit of the workshop was up.

After the workshop was over I told Leonardo the experience. I had asked him if Ana had come into the office today. He said that Ana was at her regular job working which is from 9 am to 5 pm, It was concluded that my personal helpers took the form of Ana; also he said that the office was like a kind of extra physical clinic. Other people had the experience of being treated for something on an extra physical level. In my case, maybe I was given an eye examination on the Para eyes. Maybe my sight was being adjusted or attuned to either take more visual notice or to cut down what I see on the extra physical level because I may not be at the conscious level to accept what I may see.

It is ironic that the whole experience felt natural as though I was talking to a regular person.

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