Tide is High


The first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the today’s word prompt Tide was the melody from the song “The Tide is High.” This song was written by John Holt I believe during the late 1960’s during the time when the early stages of Jamaican music also known by the names of reggae, rockers, rocksteady was developing. John Holt was one of the pioneers of that music. His musical career spanned many years and he has written many songs that well known artists from multiple musical genres have covered. Holt started out his career as being the lead singer with the musical group The Paragons.

The song “Tide is High” was originally released and performed by the Paragons in 1966; and in 1980 the song was brought to a larger mainstream audience when the group Blondie covered it. The lead singer for that group was Deborah Harry. Back then she actually looked like a very desirable woman, but nowadays she looks like a wrinkled old prune.

Then the song was covered again by an all-girl British group the Atomic Kittens. Looks like to me that these trio were aspiring to be a knock off of the Spice Girls; I don’t know too much about them, don’t really want too but sometimes these types of group do have an occasional song that appeals to people no matter how tasteless they are. Honestly, groups created by A&R people don’t have the energy of the groups that have come together from the neighborhood or have met one another before they got into the music business and developed their sound over time through trial and error.


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