Dripping Paint

dripping paint

It was around 12:15pm there was an hour until my break time was over so it was an opportunity to relax the body. I may have felt a bit lazy because instead of going to my room and participate in doing the relaxation exercise there I opted to stay in the common day room. There were only two people plus myself in the day room at that point in time; there was one person using the computer, and the other person was asleep on the opposite end of the couch where I was sitting. So it was a relaxed environment and not much noise. I went into relaxation mode and when I became relaxed to the point where I entered into state; followed by this experience.

I felt the paint on the ceiling started to drip down falling to the ground like how water would fall. It was as though the paint was melting. Now keep in mind that I had to be on duty in the next hour so; I got up and went upstairs to change my clothes because the falling paint made my clothes become wet. But Before I went upstairs, I saw that a swam of flies came into the building; so now there was a combination of flies and the falling paint dripping from the ceiling. When I walked through the day room’s door it was then that I saw where the flies were coming from. There was a garbage can on the floor; it was on its side and the garbage spilled out on the floor.  When I went upstairs where my room was located the condition of the paint dripping from the ceiling was the same as it was in the day room. I opened my locker and took out some clean clothes; however when I took them out and changed the new set of clothes also got wet. I said to myself, “I cannot change here because the dry clothes will also get wet like it would if I was outside in a rainstorm.” I left the room and on my way going down stairs, I ran into this unidentified woman with a swollen neck. She told me that I will not be going anywhere and that I will be going to the hospital with her.

Suddenly I found that I was lying on the couch in the day room; I felt something in my right ear. I used my finger to dig out whatever was in the ear. When I put my finger in the ear I felt a crunch and when I pulled the finger back out the ear a whole lot of dead flies were on my finger. I put my finger back into my ear and pulled out some other things which was un-describable then I felt a large object which I pulled half way out of the ear.  I did not pull it all the way out; I do not know what it was, except for I felt that if I pulled it all the way out I would damage the ear so I decided to leave it half way in and let the doctor take a look at it to tell me if it won’t do any damage if it was pulled out. A unidentified man appeared in the room; he told me that I have got the problem and that I should pull the thing out of the my ear. Yet he could not tell me if it was safe to pull the object all the way out. Before I could figure it out or at least ask whether it was safe or what the effects would be if I pulled the object out of my ear. The state of  relaxation was over…

The only thing that I associated this experience is was the woman with the swollen neck telling me that I would be going to the hospital. It turns out that it was the start of my thyroid condition. This caused my neck to become swollen to the point where I actually ended up in the hospital. The Surgeon planned to remove half of the thyroid; however he said when he got in he saw that he had to remove the entire thyroid gland.

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