Test Subject

With the earth being under surveillance by extraterrestrial beings as reported by the Secret Space Program (SSP) insiders like Corey Goode and others who have experience interaction with various extraterrestrials who have visited them in some form or fashion in addition to the extraterrestrials that they have worked with during their day with the SSP.

Now I’ve heard how people are abducted and is examined and put back when the examination is completed. I’ve heard the concept of extraterrestrials on a different level of existence or another dimension would find their way into our level of existence to observe or conduct some type of physical examination. Also the concept of a human being who raises their vibration levels to the point of them having some form of contact with those beings that are on a higher level of existence.

Installing the vibrational state not only develops one’s own energetic defensive, putting the physical and astral bodies in balance; it also have an unintended effect to attract attention of the unseen.  In this experience this unintended side effect gained the attention of beings that had an interest in learning a bit more about me:   

It was 19:00 I came back to the tent; I was the only person in the tent at this time. When I laid down and started the vibrational state, after installing that state, I felt that I was being watched; then I felt some restraints that immobilized my movements. Then it felt has if I was being prodded, with some type of probe like a subject is being examined. Then I felt needles going through my head. I heard a voice say that they will manipulate some area of the brain to see if it would change the personality. As the unseen beings stared to insert the needles into the brain, I blacked out momentarily; then I heard them tell me to stay put or else they would have to insert needles in my throat again.  But I felt that I had an opportunity to escape; however when I made a move, I was caught. After being caught I felt the needles being inserted in my throat area.

Some other examination was taking place; afterwards I started to feel some needles being inserted into my forefingers on both hands. I don’t know if it was part of an examination or a form of punishment to make me feel pain. Then it seemed that the hole was closed, and that whoever was doing these examinations left. 

After this was over I could still feel some sensation in the throat where the needle was inserted, and a tingling feeling in my head. Also it seems that this examination is an ongoing process, and that it will happen again sometime in the future, I’ll be watching to see if there is any more similar experience, and see what course of action to take.

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  1. *Off-Topic*

    Hello True George,

    A new The Twilight Zone television show or season started recently, my brother GC and I are on episode 4 now, I may have not seen the other seasons / versions before (other than some bits and pieces) yet; but I am watching this one.

    I remember you mentioning the Twilight Zone to me before, and I was not sure if you knew about this new one or not.

    We have Netflix (it is not on Netflix as far as I know) now through our military T-Mobile mobile phone plan so we have watched a few things on Netflix recently like: The Order, Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (which we liked better than The Order, and it is among my favorite shows of the year so far), and Love, Death And Robots (which is the best American animated show that I have seen in a while, but it is definitely not family friendly).

    -John Jr

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    • OK thanks
      I wasn’t aware of the new Twlight Zone; I watched all the episodes of Sabrina, I see that they have new episodes but I’m going to watch them after I finish watching Supernatural, I’m on the 13th season now and I see that there are other new horror shows like Diablo and some others that I will check out within the coming weeks…

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      • Hello True George,

        You are welcome.

        So you saw both parts of Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina (not the old Sabrina, The Teenage Witch show from 1996 – 2003), I had no idea, cool I have heard about and saw part of a scene or two of Supernatural; it would be cool if you could do some posts about the TV shows and movies et cetera that you watch after finishing them.

        -John Jr

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          • Hello True George,

            Cool, this version surprised me.

            So I have heard, there are so many seasons, maybe I will check it out one day; that sounds like something that I would like.

            -John Jr


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