During the late afternoon at 15:15 I entered the camp’s chapel meditation room and locked the door so that I won’t be disturbed. Then I stated doing my meditation exercises. First I started with the vibrational state, and after the vibrational state was installed I moved on to the entrainment programming CD called “healing meditation.” However while I was undergoing the vibrational state I had the following experience:

I was in a place where I observed a Pilot, it was difficult to recall if it was for the Air Force, or if it was for a private civilian company. The plane that the Pilot was flying was involved in some type of conflict. Whatever the conflict was the plane had survived and came through the conflict it. I got the feeling that the pilot got engaged to be married and that he purchased a watch and another parcel with unknown contents. He had put it the items that was purchased in the post to be mailed off.  For some reason it was not mailed, and then he put it on the plane and flew the plane back to the destination where he was going.

After landing at his destination, the plane was left at the airport; the Pilot came back after a few hours because he forgotten the package, it was in the belly of the plane. When he went into the belly of the plane to get the package, another Pilot got in the plane’s cockpit and flew the plane to his destination.

Once the Pilot that was flying the plane reached his destination, he found that the plane could not be landed because of some sort of a mechanical problem. The pilot flying the plane decided to grab a parachute and bailed out of the plane. The Pilotless plane stayed in the air slowly losing altitude until it crashed down into a body of water. The water was not deep but it was damp and cold.

The pilot that bailed out the plane was there on the water body’s bank, and that a vehicle with Soldiers was also present. They knew that the first pilot was trapped inside the belly of the plane. However enemy forces captured the Soldiers. I saw that a negotiation was taking place, and that the soldiers pulled the first pilot from out of the belly of the plane.

 When they pulled him out he was inside a thermal sleeping bag; the bag was zipped up all the way up, and when they opened the bag, and pulled him out, they didn’t know if he was dead or alive; he was not moving and the Soldiers put him in the vehicle. The Soldiers bent the Pilot, he was so stiff that it is unknown if his spine was broken in two.

Then the enemy soldiers started to rain fire onto the Soldiers; there was no getting away. Afterwards the soldiers were talking to the enemy soldiers, and the enemy soldiers said that they could leave. However, one of the other soldiers stayed behind. It seemed that the deal to release the other soldiers and allow them to go can happen  only if that person stayed behind, stayed behind.  The soldier that agreed to stay behind had some sort of status, it was understood that he might be killed or tortured.

With that I cannot recall what else happened, a few minutes after the experience was over, I started to forget the details has to what happened.

Before the experience progress the trance state was released.  Afterwards I started to listen to the “healing Meditation,” CD up until a point I was not in an alerted state almost to the ending of the induction.    

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