Energy Conduit

I went to the chapel’s meditation room to do my vibrational state exercise using one of my entrainment frequencies CD. The one that I had intended to use was the “brain massage” CD, which is supposed to help facilitate and put the brain in the beta, and delta stages; before I started playing the CD I started to move the energies to reach the vibrational state.

After reaching the vibrational state, the body been relaxed it made it difficult to emerge right away. However when I had looked up I had noticed that a small ball of light had come from my rear and came right in front of me. Feeling the effects of the relaxed state, and unable to emerge at that moment, I continued in state, when I saw someone in front of me. He said something about unable to move on; then I heard voices, as if the room was being filled up by a crowd. Apart from the being in front of me, I only heard the voices of the others; I had the expectation of starting to see the crowd of people. When I had heard them, I knew that they must have come to get a donation of energy so that they could move on, as I started to exteriorize the energy, while doing it I saw a white light extending from my palms, and that a body of white light had emerged behind me. Then as the energy was flowing, I felt a warm sensation on the back of my neck, and the strength and speed of the energy donation increased. It was as though I was being a conduit for some energy originating from somewhere else. Keeping that in mind, I knew that there must have been a helper was involved.

 I saw that the room started to change perimeters; the room now resembled a wood shop. Then I saw a woman that I had felt that I had known, yet I knew that she was physically dead;  she was still walking around and operating as though she is still alive. She came for an energy donation, and when she got the donation, she kind of made a violent jester, and said not to tell anybody that she was here. Then I had noticed that some of the beings were also getting aggressive.  I believe that the aggressive ones were the sick ones that believe that they are still physically alive.

There was one who looked at me as though I’m a doctor; he came in and complained that he cannot walk. He was demanding how can I make him walk. Hearing this, I did not physical answer because the energy was consistently flowing, and I knew that when he got his donation, whatever problem he had would be corrected. Only this one did not notice the donation, and that his problem was corrected after he received the donation. The others pointed out to him that he is now able to walk, at that point he had moved on.

 I had also noticed that the helper stopped its intervention, leaving the more aggressive ones by themselves. It seems to me that the helpers intervene to help specific beings, and cannot or choose not to intervene on behalf of the ones who has not recognized that they are no longer in the physical.

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