Observers On The Wall

Sometimes when doing meditation exercises one may experience something that is out of the ordinary. Especially if they are in area where most people are highly stressed, or in a state of constant danger where there is a lot of uncertainties and the human condition is one of surviving instead of thriving. It still amazes me what happens and has changed my opinions on what we are being taught by our so called spiritual Teachers and the dogma that is put out to the general public.

This experience takes me back to Iraq located within the infamous ‘Sunni Triangle “my squad was assigned to be on the quick reaction force (QRF) for the night.  While the squad was waiting to be dispatched to a situation that required the use of the QRF   I set up the laptop to watch some movies. The time was between 0100-0300; not sure of the exact time; we were watching a movie, a movie that I had seen before, so I was not particular interested in watching it. This attitude made me a little more relaxed. As I closed my eyes, I had noticed that one of the high walls surrounding the camp was low, and that a well-dressed woman with something that looked like a pearl necklace was sitting on the wall; she was illuminated, and appeared white in color. I  opened my eyes to see if the physical environment was the same. Since these experience fell so natural sometimes I forget that the physical and extra-physical can be different even though they occupy the same space but on a different dimension. After observing that there was no change in the physical environment I went back to the relaxed mode, which took me back into the altered state. Again I saw the same extra-physical conditions, but this time I could see that others joined the woman.

 There were at least five of them and they all had the same appearance and they all well-dressed. I saw two men in suits, and another woman. They were at the wall. The men were standing, and the women were sitting down. As I looked at them, I felt myself being drawn out of my body towards the direction of the woman that I first saw. I saw that there were streaks of light where my arms were supposed to be and when I looked at my torso, I saw that it appeared white. It was like there was an attraction, and the astral body was being pulled towards the figures. At that point, I could feel the chair that I was sitting on buckle, and about to fall, as a result I could not maintain the relaxed state because I thought that the chair was about to collapse. Before I was fully emerged, I felt that I was being snapped back into the physical body.  I felt a vibration from the head and neck, I don’t know if it was observed physically but reaction gave me a slight headache.

There have been times when my projections have been interrupted preventing me to see the presence of beings or hindering my full clarity of the unseen in the physical and extra physical environment.  This leaves me with the underling question whether we are truly in control of what we hear or see. That at every level of existence that there is a status quo and some sort of control of what we are allowed to do and see.                                             

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