It was 15:25; I left the tent to go to the chapel’s meditation room, because of the activities that was going on in the tent. I wanted some quite time to replenish myself so I went into the chapel’s meditation room with the healing CD. When I was playing the CD’s induction I had this experience:

 First, I installed the vibrational state, and radiated my energy into the room to remove any residue energies that may be negative. Then started the CD and I was following the induction; after a while I felt the body paralysis. While the induction and the frequency waves were playing, I heard someone come into the room. It looked like a nurse; she came in and said that she needed the room because she has a patient. I did not respond to her request, then she left, and after a few minutes she returned; this time she had the patient with her.

The patient must have been retarded because he was making funny noises. Along with the nurse and the patient was in the room, another person showed up; it seemed that he might have been her supervisor. He also expressed his desire for use of the room. Then I noticed that three other beings had come into the room and they started to do their best to take me out of the trance state. They started to ask what I am doing here; and that it was time for me to leave. They attempted to intimidate me physically, by making jesters to hit me. They saw that I had the headphones on and they were trying to yank it off my head. At the same time, I could hear the retarded patient making noise in the background. The way that he was making the noise almost made me laugh.

The beings failed to get the headphones off; so they went for the CD player. They said that they were going to yank out the plug.  I even saw that the CD player was plugged in, and that they had their hands on the plug ready to take it out. At that point I did not care if the plug was going to come out, because I had batteries inside the player which will allow the CD to keep on playing if it became unplugged for any reason.

 Then two of those beings decided to leave, however the third one was making a last minute attempt to disrupt my trance state. It looked like he was physically going to take the CD player and yank the headphone out; he charged at me, but my Para arms extended and tossed him to the side; after that happened all three beings left the room. They exited through an opening at my right. However the retard and the nurse were still in the room. I saw that there was an object that looked like an examining table; the retard was sitting on the table and the nurse was still standing near the door. The door opened and someone asked if I had finished? However he saw that I was still using the room and he left.

While all this activity was going on with these extra physical beings, I was still having personal thoughts in my head. There was a thought that I was supposed to get a round trip ticket to Japan, only to attend a wrestling, or combat match. Yet, I did not get the ticket to board the plane, It seemed that I was supposed to meet others at that match, but at this point it did not matter to me if I was there or not.

Other strange thoughts made their way through my head; some of which I do not consciously remember. Then there was passing idea backed up with images that I returned to work at the government office building at West 14th Street where I work as a government bureaucrat. I returned has a more spiritual person and that before I arrived into the government building, a white light preceded me and cleanse the entire government building , and that my fellow bureaucrats, and clients felt the energy and knew that the new atmosphere that was generated was because of my presence.

When the trance state was coming to an end, I could feel that the body paralysis was being released and that I was entering another phase, or depth of trance. I felt the weight of the headphones, and that my arm that I banged two days ago began hurting me and it became heavy.  I could still feel the presence of the nurse. Her patient was no longer there. While coming to the lighter trance depth I felt that the induction and brain wave frequency had no end, usually the longest I stayed in trance was 45 minutes, I did record what time I had actually started the induction. I took a few minutes before I left the room to become fully emerge.

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