Crown Light

It was 23:00 when I used this new meditation CD; this one is supposed to have a frequency to help change the brain waves to stimulate the Crown Charka and to open the third eye. While I was putting myself in the relaxation mode and simultaneously doing the vibrational state exercise while playing the CD. After a while I felt that the body was resting, and I could see the outline of my arm. There was a presence of a light around of my arm, going around my body. I felt as if I could separate from the body. I attempted to separate, however the body’s energy was still dense, and I could not separate all the way. The head and neck was still attached, and I was not relaxed enough to leave the body. Then the unthinkable happened. I heard someone come into the tent. I could tell it was Sgt. M, as he came in the tent before he turned the light on, the crown charka emitted a field of light, within the field of light, there was a little boy, he went towards the air conditional unit. Then M turned on the light, and he saw that I was in the relaxed state, he interrupted me, and took me out of state.

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