The Brawl

It was 15:00 we were going to go out on a convoy operations mission later on during the evening. Before going to the TOC (tactical operation center) to get things ready for the convoy operations to Camp Anaconda I was in the tent relaxing the body and doing the vibrational state, when I had this experience.

I was in an environment that looked like a dance club. I saw that the people in the dance club were military personal because they were all in uniform. The uniform that they were wearing looked like that of the style that was issued during World War II. I was wearing the Army’s class A uniform and I was with a Marine buddy of mine and someone else wearing the Navy’s class A uniform. We were standing on a balcony overlooking the dance floor.  We looked down on the dance floor and saw a woman; she was sitting at a table by herself so the Marine buddy of mine went down and asked her to dance. When they finished dancing and they went back to the table, her companion that she was waiting for was sitting down at the table. He was also a Marine and he wasn’t happy that my buddy danced with his woman. There was an argument and then me and the other person that I was with came down from the balcony tot the table to back up our Marine buddy.  The argument escalated into a fight; one of the buddies of the woman’s Marine companion took a swing at me, the man moved so slow, that I blocked the punch and I beat him up. Then the Marine friend of mine picked up someone and threw him across the room, and from there the whole dance hall erupted into a brawl; there were others who challenged us but they were no match for our group.

Overall this experience was quite amusing, I almost laughed at the events that took place. Reminds me of brawls that often happen when two sound system clashes in dance halls back in the days when I used to go to many dance hall sound clashes.

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    • Nay, this was the Pre-grappling days.
      But your comment did remind me of an occasion where some guys in my unit were at a club and one of them got into a fight with a martial artist. He used his skills to and beat two guys. Then all five guys decided to rush him and he wasn’t to keen to fight five guys at once and fled…..that was a funny moment too

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