The Watcher

Since I am working with third squad because my regular team members were on R & R everybody else from the first squad went on their mission, while I stayed back because the team that I was assigned too had the day off. At 2200 I had laid down, first I did the vibrational state;  and after the vibrational state was installed, I felt as if someone or something was making physical contact with me. The touch felt sticky, I felt it on my lips, plus I felt that someone had crawled into the bed and laid beside me. When I felt that touch, it made me become aroused, to the point where I had an orgasm, then I felt the body that was next to me disappear.

Afterwards I appeared in a a dark place with where the light was dimmed. There was someone watching a T.V monitor. The monitor showed the events that was taking place in and around the around the Camp. I’m not sure how or why I ended up in this place, maybe I was supposed to provide some type of assistance or give up some type of information or at this point of my vibrational development I became privy to become aware of activities and information that the conflict in Iraq or that human activities in general are  being observed by higher intelligence.  All that I remembered was that the person watching the events taking place in and around the camp said that he was gathering up some intelligence, on certain activities.

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