Recurring Themes

In as much as the full details of this dream became too distorted to make conscious sense there was some underlying tones of recurring themes.

First one was concerning a swimming pool; it seemed that a train was supposed to take passengers over the water; instead, the train went through the water. I remembered that I was on the train. The train was supposed to take one other passenger, but that passenger came late, there was a waiting period. At which time the pool was empty, and then the pool started to fill up…It was something similar to the bus ride and being submerged in water.  That is all that could be I could recall about the train and the pool.

The second experience:

I went into a butcher’s shop to buy some meat. Some Hispanic people owned the shop.  It seemed familiar as though I went to this shop regularly.  I saw the players in this experience before and they all seemed familiar. Then I went to the shop another day, when I got to the shop, the shop did not have any supplies…I couldn’t help but draw a parallel with a draw about buying meat at a grocery store, an experience that I had a couple of months ago.

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