Grocery Store


 Derrick and I were driving through the Flatlands area of Brooklyn. We came to a big housing complex which looked a bit like the housing complex Lefeak City in Queens; for some reason he told me to get out the car and wait for him while he figure out which way to go. He then made a  right in front of the building and drove off and stopped at the street corner, he stopped and was waiting for. I started to walk towards him, but when I reached the corner he was he was not there. He had disappeared.

As I was walking I saw a Nissan Sentra that was driven by my friend Pauline. I knew it was Pauline’s car because the same car appeared in my other dreams. I saw Ms. Pauline doing her grocery shopping; she asked me what I was doing in the area this time of the morning. I told her that I was hanging out with Derick and that he has disappeared and I left my carrying bag in his car. I had some change in my pocket to take the bus but it would be better if she could give me a lift to our work site.

I knew Pauline would not refuse to take me, however she said that she was traveling with somebody, so I said its ok and that I will sit in the back seat. I began to walk with her and her companion. We stopped at a grocery store and she started picking out what she wanted to buy, she then said that she does not like the quality of the food here so she started to put back the things that she picked up. She said that she is going down the road.

Pauline left me and her companion in the store. We were walking around the store; the store looked like it was a kitchen. The owner was a Korean. A costumer asked the owner to step outside to help him. Before the owner went outside to help the customer he went to the front of the store and got a big spoon and tasted something that was on the stove.  I started to laugh; Pauline’s companions said don’t laugh too loud. When the Korean mane went outside to help the customer me and Pauline’s companion were left inside the store by alone.

I looked to see what the Korean man was doing; he was still outside helping the costumer.  Pauline’s companion looked into the stove to see what the Korean man tasted. He hopped it was some meat. He opened the oven, there was a pan with meat being warmed up, he took a piece of the meat and ate it. Pauline came back to the store and then Pauline, her companion and I started to walk back to her car. Then the Korean man came running up to us with a knife in his hands. When he caught up to us he started to chase Pauline’s companion. Pauline asked why the Korean man is upset with her companion.  I told her what her companion did. Pauline and I continued to walk towards the car. We walked past Pete (our coworker), he was wearing sun glasses and he was with somebody. Then we were walking past a building with a second floor only (strange because in NYC only houses have 2 floors apartment buildings have more) this is the point when I woke up.


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  2. Hello True George,

    I thought that it was funny how you and Pauline did not seem fazed by the store owner chasing her companion with a knife. 😀

    Thank you for sharing your dream.


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    Keep up the good work True George, and thank you for the support; and feel free to give me blog recommendations when you have some. 👍

    -John Jr

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