Empty Building



It’s 23:45 hours; my shift is coming to a close, my relief has showed up and he is getting dressed. While waiting for my relief to take over I sat in the chair and after a while I started drifting off to sleep. As I entered the dream state I started to hear people’s voices. It sounded like people talking; the kind what one would hear during the day when the building is occupied, and  people walking about coming and going about their business. Then I started to hear the people’s footsteps as well as their voices. The next thing I saw were figures of people walking towards the exit; then I heard footsteps that stood out from the rest.  I felt as though someone was standing right next to me. I found this strange because apart from the cleaning people and the other guard, the building was empty; and the the cleaning people were in the sub-basement and the guard who is reliving me is still getting dressed.  Then the scene shifted; I am now seeing other guards who works for the company. They were expressing remorse because one of the guards Anthony C that worked for another guard company that I was with last year died.  I don’t know how I this type of dream concerning Anthony C came up when in reality Anthony C is alive and in good health and as far as I know he does not know any of the guards at the new company that I am with…It was not clear and the experience never progressed because I was taken out of the dream state because my relief came to the station to take over for the night, it interrupted my light sleep and it was time for me to leave.

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