It was around 16:30 when I finished spending some time at the Camp’s “computer café” a tent with a bunch of laptops that was connected to the internet I went back to my space in my tent to have some quite time. While relaxing was listening to one of my entrainment frequency CD’s. This one was called “quite meditation.”

While in a relaxed state playing the CD I began to see faint images of myself being involved in a sword fight. The image gradually became clearer and clearer; I saw that I was involved in armed conflict with a group of people. It might have being opposing armies. After a level of clarity the image began to fade away after a few minutes. It was not enough time to identify specific details from that image. Maybe this was some sort of past memory surfacing.

 The next thing I saw was that I was in a body of water. I’m not sure if I was looking down or if I fell in the water. I was facing downward, then I felt as though I was actually in the water and that I was able to breathe while facing downward in the body of water. I sunk downward and as I was sinking down I positioned myself to face upward looking up towards the surface, and then began to float up towards the surface. While floating upwards I was expecting break the surface to breathe air instead of water. However, my head did not penetrate the surface and then it felt as though I was drowning. At least this was my perception; I cannot say if I was feeling like I was drowning because in reality I am a strong swimmer and have a measure of being comfortable in water and have the confidence to perform action that will prevent drowning. Maybe the feeling of drowning was also a past life memory?

After the feeling that I perceived was drowning I found myself my apartment back in New York City; It seemed that I was rearranging the apartment. The layout of the bedroom was looked different then my actual bedroom. The closet where the clothes were kept was towards the back of the room, while in reality the closet is located in front of the room. In the front of the room there was a front that looked like shutters, which took up the width of the room. It was there to keep the noise from penetrating the room. In all the room was small.  One may say that most apartments in New York City are small. But that is further from the truth. There are buildings with large and medium sized apartments. I happen to live in a medium sized apartment.

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  2. Hello True George,

    After almost drowning once when I was a kid and then getting over my fear of swimming again after that incident, I now have a different feeling / opinion toward drowning or almost drowning, while it was scary and terrible at first during the experience it was peaceful near the end when I got too tired to jump for air and I gave in and was starting to sink before I go pulled out of the swimming pool by my dad before losing consciousness.

    During that peaceful moment as I was sinking and starting to blackout I remember seeing the rays of sunlight in the water from above which was beautiful, I basically gave in and accepted my fate at that point, it felt so peaceful and like I was returning home (wherever that is) or something, and I probably was not afraid or panicked anymore.

    So in a strange way I remember the drowning experience in a positive way, almost like the feeling of peace / home at the end is calling to me or like I would not to return there or to that moment, or something weird like that.

    Thank you for sharing this,
    -John Jr

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    • That was an incredible near death experience; others have stated seeing light at the end of a tunnel. In this case seeing light shining in the water calling you home; it is another verification that physical death should not be feared..


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