Nun II


I had decided to continue with the past life regression astralware, however I had to wait until the noise in the tent died down; perhaps until everyone in the tent was asleep. As I started following the induction and reached the trace state;  I saw that I was in a forest and I was high above the trees. I made an attempt to move down to ground level, not sure if I was successful because I was still floating through that air. I could see inside the tent clearly even though it was pitched black when the lights were turned off. I found that the tent had four extra physical beings wandering around. They were deformed, and they started to challenge me. I quickly had exteriorized pulses of energy to get rid of them; while doing that I lost the flow of the induction; after the extra physical beings disappeared, I could not tell which part of the induction the program was at. Then I found that I was on a street, and I saw a woman walking on the street. She was dressed as a nun; and her face was hidden. It had occurred to me that I saw that figure before. I found that I had something in my hands, and I threw it at that being, knocking off the top part of the nun’s outfit. When that happened, the figure ran down the street. It looked like it was headless, or perhaps its face was not revealed to me.

It is a common thing that I have encountered beings that want to prevent me from going deeper into the meditative state. At this point it is hard to ignore them. They often distract me. It seems that I have to crack this shell in order to move on to a higher level of lucidity. I will explore some options. 

Later on at during the late evening around 21:00; I went to the Camp’s chapel to continue working with the past life regression astralware. I was curious of the type of results that I would get.  When I went into the Chapel there was a group of people watching a movie in the main area. I went into the meditation room and started up the program. At first I had the impression that I was getting a good result. I was in a trance state, following the induction. Yet, after a while, it seemed that my mind wondered, I did not hear parts of the induction, and I was thinking of something completely different, which I thought took me out of the trance state. So I stopped the session and started it from the beginning again. Running the program, and listening to the induction, again the beginning was good, the trance state was there, and I was following the induction, however further down the line the same thing happened again. I managed to recover myself, and continued following the induction. With my eyes closed, I could see a bright light; the light came from the other room; I guess the light was turned on by the people in the other room when the movie finished. The light was so bright that it started to hurt my eyes. After that I could not relax. The light in the other room distracted me, and I felt the induction was too long for me at this moment so I just sat there just listening to the induction until the program finished.

The funny thing was that towards the end of the program, I felt as though I was started to float out of body even though I did not have the intention to be in a trance state.

At that point in time I did not remember that part of the hypnotic phenomena is a tendency to forget, or not hearing parts of an induction. The part I thought my mind wondered and did not hear the induction was a correct response and that I should have continued doing what I was doing instead of stopping and starting over. I might have had a different result.

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  1. Hello True George,

    I was curious about what the person in the nun outfit would look like, it is a shame that they ran away, and I find it interesting how there are often interrupting characters / entities during these experiences; it makes me wonder if they are creations of your own mind set to limit you or if they are external entities.

    Thank you for sharing,
    -John Jr

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    • It’s a good question. At this point I don’t have the answer. It seems that when a face is revealed it is something that is allowed. When a face or identity isn’t revealed there seems to be some sort of restriction. Also there are situations where the mind cannot interpret what is seen and may distort the image or make us see something that will be acceptable.
      So I would conclude that the protective mind will place limits and create something to keep us sane. When we begin to expand our minds or break through to a new threshold what is to be revealed would be done gradually…

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