The Nun



After a session with Dr. J the meta physician I returned home with certain things on my mind of what I need to do to relive stress. The plan of action that came up with was to put things in perspective first. While organizing things and putting them in perspective in my mind while I laid down relaxing the experience that developed based on the ideas flowing through my mind began….

While in bed going into the dream state I felt the presence of two unknown entities entering my space. I felt that one of them was a coach or trainer. I came to this conclusion because, he was giving instructions to the other entity that was with him. Then I heard the coach call me by my name. His voice sounded like the karate instructor that I had when I was in Junior High School.

He said that the first thing that I must do is to fix my clock; he could not tell what time it was by the digital clock that I have on my desk. I was going to tell him that even though the clock in my room does not have the proper time displayed, the computer had the proper time. However, I do not want anyone or anything to interfere with the computer, so I did not express that statement. The coach started saying something else and was giving instruction to the student entity. I got the feeling that the instruction was on how to relax. The coach was sitting on the bed next to me.

Then I felt that another entity starting to make its presence known. I looked at the point where the displacement in energy was coming from; and then she (the entity) made her appearance. She was a short woman she was wearing a bonnet like a nun; the edge of the bonnet had a white strip.

When she made her appearance; the feeling that came over me was the feeling that one has when there is a fear of the unknown, at the same time a feeling of excitement. The excitement supersedes the fear, and I told the other entitles, “look there she is.” When the entity entered she turned to the right and exited out to the right side of the point where she appeared. When she made her exit; the other two entities followed her.

What is a mystery to me is that I do not know if she was chased out, or she made the appearance to let the other two entities know that it is time for them to leave. When she made her exit, the other two entities were gone, right after she left.

I had seen that particular entity before; she had done the same thing. She does not stay, she comes in, and when I look at her she leaves.

Another observation, all the entities that resemble human, and most of the energy all enter at the same point. The route that they take when they leave may be different, but if they appear as human they leave at the same point they entered.

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  1. Hello True George,

    That was an interesting observation that you made at the end.

    So I assume that means that in your experiences non-human entities usually leave at random exit points instead of always from where they entered?

    Thank you for sharing this experience,
    -John Jr

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