After I ate something during my lunch break in the bureaucratic office I had decided to do a little relaxation using the self-hypnosis technique. I grabbed the lounge chair in the break area and once I got comfortable I performed the breathing exercise first, and then I performed step two of the self-hypnosis induction. This was the countdown. While I was doing the exercise and entering into the altered state; I felt as though someone was behind the chair, and that the chair was being pushed or propelled forward. As the chair was being moved forward a saw a mirror, it was a huge tall looking mirror I could see my reflection in the mirror when the chair was moving forward approaching the looking glass. I was on a collision course with the mirror. However instead of colliding into the mirror I went through it. Then I saw the same thing again, and the chair was propelled through the mirror, then I saw the same thing and the chair went through the mirror again. The scene kept repeating itself like it was in a loop; until I felt that the propelling sensation stopped, and I was out of the trance state. The duration lasted approximately 30 minutes.

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  1. Hello True George,

    Being stuck in a loop like that for almost 30 minutes sounds crazy, wow, I actually saw a video not long ago of something like this but I can not remember the video or what it was about exactly.

    Thank you sharing this,
    -John Jr

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