I dreamed that I was a helicopter pilot in the military. My crew and I were sent on a mission; we were to pick up a special force team that was standard in Asia over the hills in China (it could have been Vietnam). Once the helicopter cleared the hills the weather became hazy and visibility was not clear. The helicopter could not go further past the hills because of poor visibility; instead we had to land in China. The Chinese gov’t had given permission for us to land in the region at the foot of the hills. Upon landing we saw that the region was actually a Chinese military base. There was a building with an open front; in front of that building, on the ground there was a big drawing of lower Manhattan, also before the helicopter got to the landing pad, we could see that on the ground in the open field there was a big drawing of the whole island of Manhattan. When we landed the Chinese Soldiers greeted us. The Soldiers led us to a staircase. One of the Solders had two dogs on a lease, and then there was a third dog. The third was the dominant male dog; this dog set the tone of the other two dogs. The dominant dog was in an angry mood and vicious. This dog’s attitude made the other two dogs become vicious. The Chinese Soldiers let the dominant dog take the lead and the dog led my crew and I downstairs; the other two dogs were behind us with the Chinese Soldiers. The Soldiers used their bayonets to prod us to go downstairs….

At that point I was in between states (half asleep & half awake) because I heard a nose in my room. The noise originated from the dressing table. When I looked in the direction where the dressing table is located; I saw something that was the size of a horsefly. Yet it was not a horsefly, because it took off and was flying like a small drone and the noise sounded like a mini helicopter.  It was circling the room. I thought that the next time it circled around I would put up my hand and catch it.

As I have noticed before, when I am in between conscience, and sleep state, there is no control over body function. The body is in a frozen state. I could see, hear and feel, but I couldn’t move. However, I was able to make sounds, or talk. Then I was able to shake my head. When I shook my head I was in a more conscience state (awake) then I found that I could move my body parts. The object that I perceived as a flying mini helicopter/drone was gone. When I drifted back into the half asleep half-awake state the mini helicopter/drone it reappeared.

I was not concerned about that the object was circling above, more then I was more concerned about my body being paralyzed and I remember that I could not move it and my head started to hurt because of the effort I made to get my body to move, I was unsuccessful…

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  1. I enjoyed reading about this dream. I found it very interesting. I was telling myself as I read that people are writing excellent stuff on the web but very few people read it or are even aware that it exists. I feel challenged to do more to promote the great work people are doing on the web.

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  2. Hello True George,

    Thank you for sharing your dream and your sleep paralysis experience, and your possible hallucination.

    I do not think that I have ever seen something like that during any of my sleep paralysis experiences, it somewhat makes me wonder if it was really a hallucination or not, but different people do see different things at different times during experiences like this so who knows.

    -John Jr

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    • Before I knew about sleep paralysis I used to think someone or thing entered the room. But once I understood what was happening I was able to filter things out.
      This experience may have revealed that we may see into another dimension…..

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