After purchasing the software called “Astralware”, a past life regression induction software I went to the Camp’s chapel’s meditation room to see what I type of experience that would happen while using it. I prepared myself with a few deep breaths to get into a relaxed state and as the audio started its induction coupled with a binary beat frequency, I began following the induction commands. First the induction commands said to imagine certain things such as being on a hill to and lying down in the meadow imagining a golden light moving from my feet to my head.

It was at that time that I heard some people talking; and then the meditation’s room door opened and two people came into the room. They were soldiers and it looked like they came to observed what I was doing. It also seemed that they were doing things to get my attention and interrupt what I was doing. I heard some talk like they were going to take my weapon if I don’t any pay attention to them. They left after a while and a second set of people came into the room. They were also soldiers, and again they were also doing things to interrupt what I was doing.

These second set of soldiers came up to me and asked in a mocking manner, “what are you doing?” Their presence was just irritating. However, since I was going deeper into the trance state my head has a tendency to drop; yet, I could also feel that I was separating from the physical body and my “astral body” started to look for a cushion or some sort of item so that I could rest my head on to make it more comfortable for me.  I felt that an item was placed under my chin that felt like a cushion which stabilized my head.

Afterwards other soldiers started to come into the room. They opened the door and started to put their equipment into the room. They dropped off their weapons and rucksacks and then they walked out. A second set of Soldiers done the same thing and when a third set of Soldiers came in to drop their equipment in the room  I stopped them and asked them what were they doing here? They told me that they were told that they could leave their stuff in the room.

When I looked in the other room, I saw a lot of soldiers lounging around. It was the most I had seen at any one time in at the back of the chapel. After seeing that and telling them not to come in the room, I sat back down.

As the “Astralware” induction continued; I found myself moving past those annoying entities. But then I came into conflict with some other beings; there might have been a sword fight, yet I had the perception that these extra physical were in the Camp and they were having a conflict with me being in their presence as if they were claiming some type of ownership.  Perhaps the invasion of Iraq took place on more than one level, not just physically.

I was jumping around doing defensive moves. Then I heard the induction say that I was supposed to catch a cloud that would take me above the earth. I looked up and saw the cloud, and I saw that somebody else was also in the cloud. I don’t know if it was me or a representation of myself. I know that there were others preventing me from catching the cloud. However I managed to catch the cloud. It was to have taken me up high so that I could see the whole earth; when I was at the height viewing the earth it did not appear as vivid as it usual appears. It looked like I was looking at a life sized globe; I even saw that all the countries were labeled.

 Then I heard the induction say to tell the cloud to take me to my past; I told the cloud to take me to my past and it turned and took off at a great speed. The it looked as though the cloud went to my present location. Once the cloud released me on the ground, the environment looked misty and dark, maybe it was night. Also I was in a camp that looked a lot like Scania. I was surrounded by some figures, when I looked up they all scattered. Then I hooked up with my squad, and we were in combat. We were maneuvering around; when I heard someone say in Sgt R’s voice, “Look in the mirror.”

On the tent in front of me I saw a mirror; when I looked in the mirror, I saw the enemy sneaking up behind me. I turned to my right side, and saw a member of my squad, it was my Gunner Spc. L, and the enemy appeared behind him, and we both engaged the enemy. I engaged the one behind Spc. L and Spec. L engaged the one behind me. He was shot, and I was also shot.

Then there was a quick instant replay because I wanted to see the face of the person that shot me. I saw that he had a bald head and a mustache and that he was kind of thin, and short. It was a face that I had seen before put could not place the name of the person.

After pondering about it, I found that all the entities that I saw looked familiar and that I knew who they all were and that the entities were very familiar with me. The “Astralware,” induction continued since I was shot, it must have had a profound psychological impact because I found that it took me out of the meditative state. Once out of the meditative state I stopped the audio.

After this session was over, the body felt relaxed and refreshed and all the stress had been relived.


  • Extraphysical beings want to interrupt my projections; I guess they do not want me to get to the next level
  • While in state it is often hard to separate the events, I keep thinking that the events are happing physically
  • All of the faces that I have seen during this experience was familiar
  • Everything was centered on the area, soldiers
  • Need to do the Astral ware frequently to see how events will progress.

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