Doctor Bruce Banner wandered around looking for a cure from turning into the Hulk; He was passed through Georgia and came upon a radium filled lake; and on that lake a great white building housed a casino. Bruce pondered, what the hell I’ve been so miserable lately; I’ll blow off some steam and do a little gambling. Bruce went into the casino and drank the free alcoholic beverages, played the slot machines and roulette. But it was on the crap table where he was lucky and started beating the house. The mobbed up management got upset and called the casino’s goons to throw Bruce out. The goons came, took Bruce’s chips and threw him in the radium filled water. The radium coupled with Banner’s gamma radiation filled body turned him into the Hulk. The Hulk shouted “Hulk will smash puny building” then smashed and destroyed everything in sight.


For What Pegman Saw Flash fiction challenge of 150 words or less. This week’s location is Radium Springs, Georgia.

Radium a radioactive compound is usually accompanied by gamma radiation; one of the late Stan Lee’s creation was the Incredible Hulk; a green monster born when gamma radiation bombarded Dr. Bruce Banner. He turns into the Hulk when he has an emotional episode that make him anxious..   


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