Shadowy Figure

shadowy figure

It was around 23:00 and while lying in my cot I decided to listen to an energy CD for deep relaxation coupled with doing the vibrational state exercise.  First I reached the vibrational state, and then I listened to the CD; while listening to the CD I felt that tight feeling in my right ear that usually happens when there is the presence of an extra physical being. Afterwards I felt that something wanted to make contact. Then I saw a tall shadowy figure approach from the left corner, and came and stood over my head and it was leaning over to look at my face. I saw that the figure was wearing clothes that are common in the Arabic world. It seemed that the figure was a woman; I could see the outline of the face that made make the determination that the figure was female.

 Also when the figure appeared it seemed to put out some type of sexual energy. I felt myself being aroused and I experienced having an orgasm, before that I did not have any erotic thoughts, that orgasm just happened. After that I felt that the being lay down on top of me.

It felt  like that being was like a bubble molding itself to the shape of my body, and then I felt another one lying down, so I had grabbed it, knowing that that being because I thought that it may need some help, and was looking for a charge of energy.

I had appeared in a location that I recognized as being the tenth floor at at a gov’t building I used to work at.  The floor was dark and the only light was the light that was illuminating from my aura. There was nobody there, and the only thing that I was doing was gliding along the floor.

Afterwards I was in a bedroom, there were two separate beds, one bed there was a boy and the other bed had the boy’s brother; there was a visit from an extraterrestrial, for some reason the boy’s bother went to get their father. The father came and punished the boy   for having contact with the extraterrestrial. Then I appeared at a stream; I saw a magazine with the cover saying that the extraterrestrial have the same appearance has the human being. In the water I saw older magazines, saying that the extraterrestrial appeared as a rock, and also as an ancient animal.

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