Thought Reform


The thought reform process has been categorized and put into eight themes; these themes are the basic outline in creating a process in which one could implement on a group. It could also be modified and implemented on the individual. Attempts by human beings and to bring other humans under their control doesn’t know any bounds of creativity. Yet the creativity of how these attempts are done is based on the eight themes. One may reflect on their contact with the institutions and individuals in their lives and perhaps strike a co-relation, and then perhaps steps could be taken to take control or decrease the manipulating influences. Just keep in mind that real mind control is about controlling your own thoughts and ideas. The summery of those themes are as follows:

  • Milieu Control: This is where the basic feature of human control within an environment is taken and internalized. Internalization is the process used to manage an individual’s inner communication. All what the person see, hear, read and write are controlled. This information control creates conflicts within the group concerning an individual’s autonomy. To circumvent this problem, the group will isolate itself from other people. This is done through a variety of means such as physical pressure, psychological pressure, geographically distance locating far away from any mass transportation system, or in a place where transportation is not available. At times there are a sequence of events such as seminars, lectures, group encounters, these events are intense, and increasingly isolated, this pulls in the individual and make it harder for them to leave both physically and psychologically. It sets up a sense of antagonism with people outside the group creating an “us against them” attitude, which is closely associated with the process of an individual’s personality change.

One may look at the practical application of milieu control be observing what take place in a Police Academy conducting Police Officer basic training; some type of religious cult; or how some abusers treat significant others.

  • Mystical Manipulation: This is the condition where spontaneous experience are planned and orchestrated by the group and its leadership. It is done to demonstrate the divine authority, spiritual advancement, special talent, or gift, allowing the group’s leader to reinterpret events, scriptures, and experience  that will benefit the group or its leader, when he wishes

When it comes to institutions, nothing is spontaneous. Everything is planned especially when it comes to the interpretation of events, scriptures and experience. There are always villains and heroes. The interpretation of historical events is done by the ones who are the status quo of the day.

  • Demand for purity: The world is viewed as being black and white, group members are under constant pressure to conform to the group’s policy, doctrine and ideology, the strive for perfection is encouraged. The induction of guilt and shame becomes a powerful tool and it is used to gain the conformity

There are no shades of grey when it comes to purity. One of the infamous propaganda, doctrine and ideology was that of Eugenics; which is concept of genetic purity even though the science of biology even at the basic level proves that the most superior genetic pool is the most diverse. Yet entire nations are led to believe otherwise and programs of ethnic cleansing are created based on the notion.

  • Confession: Group members must confess their sins to either a personal mentor,, or publicly to the group. Confidentiality does not exist, the sins, attitudes and faults are discussed openly and are exploited by the leaders. Sins and acceptable attitudes are determined by the group.

This one reminds me of a candidate for the office of the President of the United States. That person’s life is no longer private. Whatever his vices, beliefs and faiths becomes an open book to the population. That candidate must confess so that the affiliated political party would either accept or reject sponsoring the candidate and if he is accepted by the party; then the voters will accept him also. But the kicker in all this, even if they win the election they are still securitized by the opposition and may end up with massive legal bills

  • Sacred Science: The group’s doctrine or ideology is seen as the ultimate truth    and it is beyond questioning and it is not to be disputed. No truth is not to be   found outside of the group, and the group’s leader is beyond criticism, and anything he says is considered truth because he is the spokesman for god.

Sounds like the attitude of the main stream religious groups and cults. Even written government constitutions that hold certain truths to be self-evidence of anything stated in a declaration.

  • Loading the language: The interpretation and uses of words are changed to form a group jargon, to ensure that people outside the group will not know the exact nature of the conversations. The jargon consists of thought terminating clichés which serves to alter the group members thought process and to make the thought process conform to the group’s way of thinking.

There are many groups that have their own language or signs. Infamous groups such as the Masons and other fraternity orders. People who are members of a brotherhood fraternity/ sisterhood sorority, Masonic order tend to be members of society who are model citizens, in leadership roles who supports the status quo. While groups like gangs (Bloods, Crips, mafias.etc) that emulate these elite fraternities, sororities, masonic orders etc; creating their own languages and signs tend to be made up of people who are considered deviants bottom of the barrel people who usually does not support the status quo.

  • Doctrine Over Person: A member’s personal experience is subordinate to all group’s scared science, and anything that is contrary, and contrary experiences is reinterpreted   to fit into the group’s ideology.

Like the old saying “take one for the team.” The group trumps the individual. Marines are indoctrinated into jumping on a grenade so that a group of Marines won’t get hurt by the grenade. The point is no matter what the autonomy of the individual, it is subordinate to the group.

  • Dispensing of existence: The group takes the prerogative and decides who gets to exist or not, it is not taken literal, but decide that people in the outside world is not saved, they are not enlightened and they must be converted to the group’s ideology. If anybody outside do not join, or are critical of the group, they will be rejected by the group members, the same goes for any group member who have left.

Within a group or nation there are people who are persecuted, oppressed and are the ones where the scales of justice are not balanced. They seek to segregate that group or individuals one way or the other. However, if the status quo of that group or nation can put the outcast individuals through a program of assimilation by using the themes of thought control or some other method then they are accepted to a certain point.


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