It was sometime after 1:00am I woke up and since I was awake I decided to do the vibrational state exercise; when the vibrational state was installed, I started to feel the presence of  an extraphysical being. The presence was felt on my left side. It seemed that the extra physical being was observing me; but of course I knew what this being had come for. I extended my hand out  then  I felt the extraphysical being grabbed ahold of my hand in an aggressive manner. While the extraphysical being was holding my hand, it was holding it tightly, and squeezing it. I conveyed a mental message for it to stop being aggressive and stop squeezing my hand. I found that my message was under stood and it eased up on the pressure. I passed on the energy donating it; as it received the energy, the being disappeared, after that being disappeared, I felt another one came in and took its place. The second one had approached from my left shoulder. It crawled in and laid it self across my chest, while holding my hand; after exteriorizing some energy pulses, it disappeared, a third one came and positioned itself in the same manner as the second one had done. It too disappeared after receiving some of the energy I was donating , and then a fourth one had done the same.

The beings felt like they were human, I cannot tell if they were male or female, only that they were probably traveling in a group.

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