The Warning



Daniel reported to the grave yard shift at his job as a Security Officer. He did not have a permeant spot, the Security company has sending him around the city to various spots. On this particular night, Daniel was sent to a commercial office building in the midtown area. The area full of office buildings is like a ghost town during the off hours. It is so deserted you don’t even see taxi cabs cruising the area looking for a fair. Perhaps you may see some poor homeless slob in a corner or on a building plaza’s bench getting some uninterrupted sleep before the morning rush hour.

When Daniel showed up, the Custodian looked quite anxious to leave, he was relieved when Daniel showed up on time. He said I didn’t think you were going to show up; ever since the insurance company forced the building’s owner to have someone stay in the building overnight he has a hard time of getting a person to stay. Most of the city’s security companies refuse to send anyone, and if your company didn’t send you, I would have been forced to stay. Seeing the look of confusion on Daniel’s face, the Custodian quickly changed his tune and said, not that I would not like to stay, but my wife is sick so I need to go home so that she won’t be alone. He showed Daniel the post orders, the emergency numbers and said that he is free to use the micro wave and take some of the snacks in the refrigerator. Before Daniel could ask the Custodian the questions as to why nobody wants to stay in the building during the grave yard shift, the Custodian was out the door.

Daniel thought that it cannot be that bad and went to the Security desk where he immersed himself in his studies. As time passed shortly after the building’s computer dimmed the lobby lights.  Daniel felt that he was being watched, each time he looked up there wasn’t a soul in the building. There wasn’t anyone looking through the glass doors either. But shortly before 2:30 am he began to smell the sweet aroma of perfume. The smell was very enticing, and then he heard some footsteps. When Daniel looked up he saw a beautiful woman standing in front of him. She told Daniel that she was working late upstairs and that she lost track of time, and now that she found herself alone in her office and that she did not want to be left all by herself.

Feeling a little protective to a damsel in distress Daniel said if you like you can stay down here with me.  The woman said, thanks, but down here in the lobby it is a bit uncomfortable for me and I feel cold when I’m down here; why don’t you come upstairs with me; my office space is a cozy and warm place. We can get to know each other better up there. The woman’s tone of voice was very convincing, she was seductive and Daniel was completely enticed.

Daniel thought to himself, why not. The doors are locked and there is no one else in the building. I would love to get to know this woman better, perhaps when it’s all done she and I could date. As the woman turned and went further into the lobby towards the elevators where the lights were dimmer then in the part of the lobby where the security desk is located; Daniel heart jumped in his chest when he suddenly saw his Grandmother who passed away four months ago appear in front of him. She had a look of disapproval on her face; the kind of face that she used to make when he was a child that warned him that he will be punished if he did something that he was told not to do. With that look on her face, her left arm pointed to the security desk, warning him to go back where he was.

The woman called out to Daniel come on! The momental shock of seeing his Grandmother seized and Daniel was again enticed after hearing that sexy voice; he did not heed his Grandmother’s warning. He went further inside the building and instead of going to the elevator area; he was lead into the dimly lit stairwell where he was suddenly grabbed by an unseen force. Daniel did not know what to make of this. The force was dragging him down the stairs to the basement. As he was approaching the basement Daniel smelled a foul stench. Once in the basement the force let go and slammed the door shut, but lucky for Daniel that his beloved Grandmother did not abandon him and she showed up; this time with the expression that she used to make when she gave him the look that he should quickly get his tail out of her sight before she take off her shoe to beat his ass. The look plus she was pointing her arm as though she is telling him to run to that direction.

Daniel understood that Grandma means business when she had that look on her face, and he heeded her warning and ran in the direction she was pointing too; even though he did not know where he was going. After he ran a few feet; he heard the sound of footsteps chasing him, then he saw the fire exit door that lead to and another set of stairs going up to the loading dock; and once in the loading dock, Daniel ran through the door that lead back into the lobby. Daniel could still hear the footsteps and heavy breathing chasing him; he ran past the security desk and quickly opened the glass door leading out to the dark street; once in the street, Daniel shut the glass door behind him; facing the the building’s door and walking backwards to the pavement’s curve at the same time his right hand clutching the locket around his neck that his Grandmother used to wear every day before she died; his heart pounding on his chest he heard a hard pound on the glass door and he saw the glass door shattered. The unseen force must have ran into it.

For the rest of the shift Daniel stayed outside the building; and when the Custodian came back to the building in the early morning bfore the building offices opened up and saw the shattered door; he was thankful that Daniel was not hurt. He said I’m glad that you manage to get out of the building when you did. At various times Security Guards or Custodians working in the building at night disappear without a trace; or they end up in the psych ward unable to say what frightened them; I’m sorry I should have told you this, but I was afraid that I would disappear or become crazy if I had to stay. Daniel said, it could have been that way with me, but I had help from Granny.

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