The Creature


It was 21:00 hours and I went to the Camp’s chapel to do some relaxation meditation and vibrational state exercises.  When I got to the back room and locked the door I started out with installing the vibrational state. For some reason it was hard to move energies inside the chapel’s meditation room. I’m not sure how much time passed but what felt after a few minutes I heard the room door open and heard voices saying that someone is in the room. I’m not sure if they were actual physical people.  When I looked down and saw that there was a hole in my shorts and it seemed that my penis was sticking out of the hole. Being that I was already in the room my thoughts was to deal with this later. After wards I heard a door open on my right side and that two people came in the room.  I thought it was a physical person that had come into the room; however I did not interrupt my relaxation state.  I just started to exteriorized energy; at that point I thought that I would have a similar experience like yesterday. However, the only thing that was similar was that I saw a small glow of white light around my thighs. Then directly in front of me, I had detected a presence of a non-human entity; I’m not sure where it came from, but it made some form of communication which I understood. The message was that this being came from hell and that it was the devil. I knew it was a dark entity, but did not believe the message that it was the devil from hell.

 The only thing I felt was that it wanted to get close to me; since sometimes the vibrational state provokes the sexual charka; I felt physically that it was being attracted by the sexual energy. Being in Iraq I have not engaged in any sexual activity during the past two months, so I don’t know how it affects the whole sexual charka and sexual energy in general.  Then I heard what I perceived to be some human being coming into the room; I thought perhaps to interrupt my meditation session. Again, I continued falling for the silly games that some entities play just to see if they can interrupt what I’m doing.

There was a feeling that my body was being touched, as though I was being examined. The touch was gentle, and the feeling was that the touch was not by a human hand, it felt like a tentacle, and it went around my arms and chest. I felt someone come up from behind, and I could see its shadow on the floor. It looked like it had horns that look like a deer’s antlers. It looked like he was feeling his way around my shoulder and neck area as if he was examining me, then when I looked again I saw that the entity looked like an insect and it was standing on the back of the net; at the time I lunged at the creature, at which time I must have come out of the altered state of conscience. All that happened was that my hand hit the wall. I found that the space behind was actual smaller and that it was no way that anyone could fit in that spot; but then again what I saw wasn’t human.

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