It was 16:15 when I entered into the camp’s chapel for some quite time and to highlight the routes on my maps. However, before I started to do that, I saw that the back room was empty; so I had decided to go into the back room to do the vibrational state exercises and to relax the body.

When I sat down and did some deep breathing, after that I performed the vibrational state. When  I stated the movement of energy I found that it was a little difficult, but eventually  I felt that the body reached the vibrational state; yet I felt that I was not in an altered state of conscious. I continued to move the energy, at the same time I was doing the Dave Elman self-hypnotic induction method. This is a technique to help deepen a state in min amount of time.

While doing the self-hypnotic induction it was then that I felt that I could separate from the physical body.  I attempted to stand up, thinking that I would be able to explore the level of astral plane in this region, however I found that I was unable to leave the room. At that point I decided to exteriorize some energy into the environment. Perhaps my energetic signature in the environment would allow my astral body to break free of the restriction. When I exteriorized the energy I found myself surrounded by a white light. The white light was around my entire body with a concentration going along my arms gathering around the palm of my hands. It was like somebody turned on a light switch above me. Also the energy that I was exteriorizing was amplified.  I’m not sure how long it lasted because I did not take note of the exact time that I started doing the meditation, yet seemed that it lasted for a few minutes. When the white light dissipated and I was out of trance; I had exited the room with the feeling that the body was well rested.

After pondering this moment perhaps the white light was either an acknowledgment of having some sort of extra physical protection from the hostility of the war zone.  I don’t think that my own psychic development could generate a protective light of this magnitude. At least it is what I believe, but I could have been more psychic developed then I thought.

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