Go Away…

At the second gig I was in the office; it was quite even though I heard the voices of some of the clients chatting away in the common hallway area. I took the opportunity to go into a relax mode then drifting down into the sleep stages. When I got in between the awake & sleep state, this is when I saw that the room door was opening. I thought that a client was opening the door to come in and get their meds.

I got myself up then I realized that nobody was there. I’m surprised that I’m not used to this phenomenon at this point. It wasn’t too long that I was back in the between wake & sleep stage again. I saw the same thing. The room door was opening. This time I did take myself out of state because I was lucid as to what is happening.

The door opened wide and I saw a presence. The presence looked like a patient in a hospital bed. The patient was perched up in the bed. I could see the hospital gown, the bed was mobile and the patent was coming into the room.

I got sort of a feeling and I heard a voice said not to let that patient in. So I gestured to the patient to go away. I shook my head no and made the go away gesture with my hand.  The patient stopped entering the room, she was just looking motionless. Then her mouth opened and some sort of black liquid started coming out of her mouth down her chin. I made the gesture to go away again. The patient’s bed started to back out of the room and the patient eventually backed out from my view.

Once the patient was out of view somebody walked into the room. The person looked like DW a client who always hangs about in the hallway. I recognized that this was not DW because there is no way a living being would be in this experience, especially since this may be paranormal and DW is not physically dead. Then again, if he was sleeping or having an OBE it may be possible. In any event I did not want that person in the room either. So I made the hand gesture for the person to leave, I had to do it twice before the person left.

After that no one else came through the room; however, I perceived another presence, this time the presence felt like a person with authority. I perceived the presence to be a Doctor. The presence was sitting directly behind me. I don’t like it when there is an unknown presence directly behind. I do not know the presence’s intentions. So, I made it known that the presence is not allowed to sit behind me. I kind of pulled the presence to the point where he was seated next to me. The presence appeared to be wearing a pin-striped suit…Before anything else happened. I was jolted out of state because a client knocked on the door……   

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  1. I have to say I can’t stand anything or anyone behind me. People have tried to touch my back before and, when their hand gets to around 4 inches or so away, even if I didn’t know they were there, I get the creeps and jump away from them. It’s really strange that, when I’ve had back massages, the masseur finds a strange lump in my back at that place too!


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