Angry Group

I’m back again at the second gig  Things were quite so I’m sitting at the desk and I’m in relax mode drifting down and once I’m in between the wake and sleep state I hear the door, I thought that there may be a client coming into the room. I look but I was not fully in the awake state, but just enough to see that there was nobody at the door. I realized that whoever was came through the door was not physical.

I hear footsteps; I do not see anyone or anything. The footsteps walked up to the desk then to the back where the window is. Then the footsteps walked back to the desk closer than they were before. Then I felt a force pushing my chair backwards. The desk chair was pushed backwards and ended up crashing in the boxes in front of the wall. Then I felt the chair split into two. The seat spread apart and I actually felt the seat padding of the chair rip into two halves. I pulled myself back towards the desk. I wasn’t particular alarmed because the chair appears to be an older model of desk chair then the one that I am actually sitting on. I was lucid enough to recognize the distinction.   

After I pulled myself back to the desk, I heard the footsteps go to the hallway where the service coordinator offices are. Back in that area there is also the kitchen area. I heard some noise in the area as though somebody is moving things around.

I went through the door; and when I was on the other side of the door;  I saw a group of people lined up. It looks like they were waiting their turn to either get some coffee, or for something else. I was at the back of the line. There was a man in front of me and in front of him there was a woman. I didn’t know how real this experience was so I moved the man out of the way and went to the woman and grabbed her breasts. I did this to see what type of reaction I would get.

When I squeezed the woman’s breast with my right hand, physically I felt a twitch between my thumb and finger on my left hand. I squeezed the woman’s breast two more times and both times when I squeezed the woman’s breast I felt the same twitch. Then the people started to look at me, they were not pleased. I turned around to leave the room, but three of them were blocking my path. So I decided to run through them like a linebacker breaking through the opponent’s offensive line. I barreled through and got back into my office. Once in my office I closed the door leading to the hallway were the other offices are located. The door was different, it was a slide door; I slid the lift and right part together. Then I sat back down at the desk.

When I sat back at the desk I saw some people come around the desk. I don’t know if they were angry, but it looked like they were the people that I left in the hallway where the other offices are located. One of them was getting into my face. Then I saw a photo of the person on my left. I back handed the picture. When I did that, the head of the person that was getting into my face, his backed up like I back handed him directly.

 Then I back handed the picture of him again. I saw the eyes in the picture turn red. Then I saw that the person was wearing a Soldier’s class A uniform in the picture. I recognized that this person may have been in the military. So I said in a command voice, “hey soldier back off; suck it up and leave.”  Then the man left.

  Then another person attempted to get into my face, that person’s picture was in the place where the other person’s picture was. I did the same thing and back handed the picture. The eyes in the picture turned red and the person backed off as though I physically back handed him. Then he disappeared. This went on about three more times until everyone who came into my office  around the desk disappeared.

The only person left was a woman. She was a good-looking woman; I couldn’t help but think that she looked familiar. She was attempting to seduce me; I did not see her photo. Instead the photo showed a child standing at the side of a woman lying on the ground.  So I couldn’t get rid of her by back handing her photo. So I picked her up and slammed her against the cabinets draws; the woman crashed down and when she hit the cabinet she disappeared….    

My personal observation is that in the past I would use a burst of energy to get rid of nuisance spirits.

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