On this night I was watching an episode of Star Trek the Next Generation on Netflix. It was one of the episodes that I have not seen before. I was in my recliner with the foot rest up; while the Star Trek episode was running it wasn’t long before I was unable to keep my eyes open drifting down to the sleep cycle. However, before reaching the sleep stage the feeling that I got was an overwhelming sense of relaxation. Perhaps it had something to do with being in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ( BJJ) class the night prior. It is ironic that participating in the type of physical activity that presents itself while practicing BJJ  usually gives me a sense of relaxation that last about 2 days.

I guess at this point I was in-between sleep and awaken state. I felt my arms were above my head and somebody was holding my hand. I looked up to see who or what was holding my hand. I didn’t see anyone or anything at first. Then I kind of pulled down my hand. Then I saw the hand that was holding my hand.

It looked like the hand of an old woman. I was startled when I saw this. Then I looked again, it was indeed the hand of an old woman. My thought was it must be my Grandmother who died a couple of years ago. But then I remembered what my grandmother’s hand looked like and I recognized that the hand that I saw was not my grandmother’s hand.

 It was a mystery who that hand belonged too. Then I saw that the old lady walked next to the chair. I could not see her face because she was hunched over. The figure changed shape and I saw a being. It wasn’t human but looked like a primate. The primate was wearing clothes. The primate said that we are compatible and he allowed me to physical examine him. While examining the primate I found that it had both male and female sex organs…..after the physical examination was done the primate disappeared and I was fully awake…I can’t help but to think that I was contacted by either an extraterrestrial being that wanted me to be aware of their presence. Or an inter-dimensional being.

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