Angry Woman

I was reading my book, then after a while my eyes became heavy and I found myself in between the sleep and wake state; then there was a sudden appearance of a woman standing at the side of the desk. She had an angry look on her face and she had some files in her hand which she threw in my face. I felt a bit of anger that this woman threw files at me so I reacted and with the book in my right arm I swatted her in her face.

Then it occurred to me that the woman was one of the spirits that is tormenting the building. Then I heard a cart moving along the floor, it was as through someone gave it a hard push for it to slide along the floor out of control. When the cart came to a rest by the window I stuck out my left hand and I physically felt the cart even though in the physical there was nothing there.

I swung the cart around and pushed it in the direction where it came from. I did it because I figured whoever pushed the cart along the floor did it to annoy me. So I gave it back at them hoping to annoy whoever pushed it.  When that happened the cart was pushed back to me. The cart was pushed so hard that it turned over and slide on its side. Then I took a hold of the cart and threw it back where it came from.

The cart landed on the medication cabinet counter and it slide along the counter and fell off. Then I heard some type of commotion outside the door, and then I saw two figures walk in the room and went into the other doorway leading to the other offices and conference room.

I saw another figure coming in the room, however the commotion that was going on outside the door made me think that there were some clients at the door getting ready to come in, so I got my composure and was out of the in between sleep and wake state. However when I was back in the conscious state, I found that nobody was outside the door and the area was quite.

I get confused whether the subjective experience is an experience happening in real time (it feels natural) and end up taking myself out of state.         

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