Guest author: True George and a new book

I recently appeared as a guest Author on Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo..

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

If someone who has never been in a psych ward were to make a visit, they would get the impression that there is nothing going on except for patients walking around like zombies and that the staff are uncaring and look the other way, leaving patients to fend for themselves. But the reality of the matter is that there is some type of organization. Patients are not left alone to fend for themselves; after all mentally ill people are dependents and cannot truly function without support; whether that support is direct or indirect.

The Psych Ward Chronicles is a factual account of events that took place at a well-known psychiatric centre in New York City. Originally a student journal that documented the activities and experiences of the student Intern (True George) and presented during the classroom portion of the Internship; accounts were re-edited and presented on the blog True George

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