I’m still pondering this experience to come to some sort of conclusion to make sense of it. It started when I went to bed. My girlfriend FT was visiting but as usually she did not come to bed until after 2. The light was on in the adjacent room so my room was not entirely dark. I was in the semi sleep state in-between sleep and awake. I felt somebody lying next to me. It felt like my girlfriend, but I knew that my girlfriend was still in the living room.

My thoughts to myself were every time this woman comes to visit she brings something or some sort of attachment with her. I did not acknowledge the touches that I was feeling because I knew it could be either a succubus or an entity that attached to my girlfriend. Then I heard the door rattle and though someone is coming into the room. Perhaps my girlfriend is coming to bed.

 I felt her next to me she was rubbing my arm. This time it physically felt that she was there.  I moved my arm to feel if she was there, I felt the space next to me was empty. I looked and there was no one there. This is when I realized what was happening. I told whatever came into the room to get the hell out of my room, and that you can’t trick me. Then I heard the door rattle again, then I heard my girlfriend’s voice, and felt a body enter the bed next to me and I felt her touch.

Then something was being said and I recognized that it was my girlfriend’s voice, I just don’t remember if it was numbers or a sentence that was rhyming, in between what was said I heard a syllable that was distinctly in a deeper voice just for a second, and the fact that I did not see the door completely open made me realize that I was being tricked, I knew what I was hearing and who I felt in the bed was not my girlfriend.

 I said “get the hell out of here.” With the little bit of light coming from the adjacent room that is keeping my room from being completely dark  I could have sworn I saw the outline of a figure. The figure was backing away towards to the door, but not before saying something. Maybe attempting to intimidate or make it so that I got scared, these entities know that with me things can’t be easy for them because of my awareness.

With me the factor is that the entities hold the element of surprise. Since they are unseen and if they make noise it is sudden. Otherwise I’m adamant that they leave my space; my free will always prevails over them.

What happened when they were exposed I felt whatever was next to me removed itself, I felt it went behind the bed head but to my surprise I felt it on my back like someone putting their finger on my spine from the small of my back to the lower back. This made me jump; when I suddenly jumped up I saw that my girlfriend was in the room. She said I startled her when I suddenly sat up. I don’t know if there was more than one entity or just one. Plus I seriously need to reevaluate the relationship with this woman because every time she comes I have a feeling she brings these entities with her. I have an idea that I might have a demon attempting to impose itself, I’m going to have to use the smudge sticks to flush it out. Either way I’m going to be attentive.

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