Soccer to Vampire

It’s been a while since playing football aka soccer appeared in my dreams. Back in the day when I was much younger, one may say that I was a football fanatic. I loved the sport so much that I used to play it every day, as well as watched all the big soccer competitions like the F.A cup and League cup (England); the European Cup & UEFA Cup (Europe); the NASL Champions Cup ( USA & Canada); CONCACAF Gold cup (North America, Central America & Caribbean)  and of course the World Cup. Yes, I used to follow the news and gossip too. That is until I fell in love with the other form of football governed by the National Football League (NFL); after which I abandoned soccer for NFL football; well that is another story for another time.

  In this experience, I dreamed that I was on a soccer team. We were practicing kicking the balls to an area slightly above the goal’s crossbar. The crossbar was against a building and there was a slight gap above the crossbar and another bar and in the gap, there was a man and another soccer player kicking the balls out of the gap. The balls that they kicked were coming straight to me and I volleyed it back straight into the gap.

 The next scene might have been influenced by the Empire series. A mother and her adult children were sitting around a table in a restaurant. It was like the children invited the mother to the restaurant as part of a birthday celebration. A small gift was given to the mother. The mother started to talk about how ruthless and how powerful the family is.  Then Thirsty the Lawyer for my family was standing by the table where the woman was sitting. Then she got up and there was a commotion and ensuing fight between the two families. Then this is when the big secret came out.  

 It turned out that the woman was dead and that she was a Vampire. It seems that vampires are living among the population. In some cases, Vampire and humans were living and working side by side. There was a mutual interaction. But sometimes it is hard to tell who is human and who is a Vampire; the woman turned some members of my family into Vampires and this made me go on the run.

The scene changed to the block that resembled the block that I used to live on when I was a child.  There was a man who is supposed to be my Uncle, but he looks like Lurch the Addams family Butler. Very tall and scary looking; he was leading the charge of some Vampires to turn some humans into Vampires. He got revenge on the woman and turned some of the woman’s family into Vampires as well as other people. Then I was being chased because Uncle wanted to turn me into a Vampire.

The sun started to rise; I could now escape from Uncle. Since I knew I was in the dream world I jumped and started to fly. Uncle and some other Vampires started to come after me. They could fly faster than I can and they caught up to me. Since the sun was rising I quickly went to where the sun rays were emerging. The Vampires could not stand the sun and were repelled when the sun rays were emerging; they had to stay in the shadows. The sun rays became stronger and when the morning sky manifested the Vampires ran back to their lair…

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  1. Hello True George,

    Cool, did you play offense or defense back in you soccer days?

    I used to play defense in little leagues, sweeper I think it was called and I was the best, I have not played in years though.

    Wow, a lucid dream with flying and vampires and flying vampires, I am glad that you used the sun to your advantage; thank you for sharing your dream.

    -John Jr

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