Dumb Soldier

Having spent over twenty years as a member of the N.Y National Guard; it isn’t unusual that some dreams are based on my experience in the Guard.  In this dream I saw that I was with my Guard unit at Annual Training (AT) at Fort Drum. The people that I was with were new young soldiers. I was an old timer. The artillery positions were designated. I was told to drop off the sheets and bedding to each position. However I did not do it at that point in time when I was told to do it. The truck was parked in the tree line. The Commander asked why I didn’t drop off the bedding. I told him that we always secured the area before dropping off any equipment.

 The Commander said that it isn’t necessary to secure the area. I said that the way things are being downgraded nowadays makes no sense. So when I decided to drop off the equipment a young soldier said he’ll drive the truck. But before I went to the rear of the truck to open up the tail gate so that we can get to the equipment on the truck the young soldier took the truck and was driving it to the first position.

When he was driving it to the position a group of soldiers were having a game of craps in a semi-circle. The young soldier wanted to play so he jumped out the truck to join the game. He did not stop the truck and after he jumped out the truck, it kept on going. Then the truck hit the howitzer gun and there was an explosion; after the explosion all that was left was a creator where the howitzer was positioned.

The creator was big going down for a couple of miles. The soldier was asked why he jumped out the truck without stopping it. He said he wanted to join the game and did not think about stopping the truck before he jumped out.  The investigators came and they took the solder to face judgment.

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