It was 12:30 in the afternoon when I came back to the tent from lunch; it was at that time I decided to do the vibrational state while I was relaxing the body. Before I started, F and D and myself made arrangements to go to the “hajji mall.” The market place that was set up in the rear of the camp so that some of the local Iraq residences can set up shop and sell their products to American military personal. I guess it was a way to give them some economic opportunity. When F & D left to go to lunch I continued doing the vibrational state exercise.

After the vibrational state was installed I saw the tent’s environment changed; it was like I was in another room. A shelf with a bunch of letters appeared and when I went to the shelf a letter that was sticking out fell down and before it hit the ground I caught it. The letter was addressed to F; it was from “Judith F,” I opened the letter to read it; when I looked at the letter, I understood that the first word resembled “congratulations,” all the other words were not understandable. The words all looked clear, yet the words were written in another language that I have never seen before. It was not any of the European or Arabic languages; I could not make out what the letter was saying so I put it down.

 I saw that the shelf had more letters on it; there was a bunch of them, and when I came towards the shelf the letters were sorted. One of the letters that was sticking out was addressed to me. When I opened the letter, there was a newspaper clipping, as well as a hand written note inside. I opened up the newspaper clipping and saw a newspaper article that had my picture, the picture of the Jamaican flag and a picture of Iraq with an area mapped out. Yet the words that were written on the newspaper article were in the same language that was written in the first letter.

I turned over the page and I saw a map of India with an area pointed out in another region of Asia. There was also a region England that was pointed out on the map as well as a region of Jamaica. I got a message stating that my ancestors came from those regions. Then I picked up the written note of the letter to see what it said. Again that letter was written in a language that I could not understand.  I do not know if I was given a message, or any type of insight.

In the past where I had seen written messages, it either appeared in English, or if it was written in another language it changed into English and the words disappeared after I got a glance of them. If I don’t get and understand what the message says the first time around, it would be lost to me which is what happens most of the time.  In this experience, the words were clear, they did not disappear, however, it was written in an unidentifiable language. The message that I got stating that my ancestors came from the mapped out regions of India, England, and Jamaica, is something that I already knew. However, after I thought about this experience and if it was giving me an insight as to my origins, why wasn’t Africa on the list? Just the other day, my sister took a DNA analysis form the Ancestor.Com DNA kit. The result came back that she is 50% Asian and 50% African. Something that wasn’t surprising to us giving that ethnic compensation of our parents and family members. Being around and growing up within a bi-racial environment is a norm for me, I guess I’ll never understand why being bi-racial it is a big deal for some societies in this world we live in.  I will be taking one of those DNA tests in the near future; I’m curious to see what results it will yield.

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